First Aid

If your child is injured at school, an injury report form will be completed and sent home on the day of the incident. Staff are required to inform parents, usually by phone, if there has been a head injury or there are any other concerns. Do not send students to school if they are unwell. 

Medical Absences

Please notify the school by phone or email when your child is unable to attend school. This should be followed up with a letter to the class teacher on their return.

Medical Conditions

Please contact the school of any medical condition e.g. Heart, diabetes etc.

Students with Asthma

Parents will be asked to fill out an asthma management form which must be updated every year. These forms are kept in the office so that the school can manage your child’s asthma.  Asthma Management forms are available from office.  Asthma medication is to be kept with the student at all times. The student is to let the classroom teacher know when they take their medication so that we can monitor how they are coping with their asthma. We will let you know if there is any change in the use of medication at school so that you can monitor their asthma.

Students with Allergies

The school must be informed of all allergies as soon as any condition is known or is practical. Parents will be asked to fill out an appropriate allergy management form which must be updated every year so that we can monitor all allergies. Allergy forms are available from the office. if your child needs an epipen, these will be stored in the First Aid room. Staff ensure that epipens are taken on any out of school excursion.


If your child needs to have medication of any kind during the day this must be sent to the office (except for asthma which remains the responsibility of the student). Medication will be kept locked in the safe, or in the office fridge if refrigeration is required. Medical permission forms can be obtained from the office and must be completed and signed. We cannot administer medication, but with written instructions we can supervise the student taking the medication.  This will be done at the office.

Head Lice

Head lice can cause concern and frustration for some parents, teachers and children. Head lice do not transmit infectious diseases – they are transmitted by having head to head contact with someone who has head lice. Parents have the responsibility for the detection and treatment of head lice.  If you discover your child has head lice please inform the school and a brochure will be sent home to all students in that class providing information for treatment and control. Your child will be excluded from school until the lice have been treated.  This is as simple as treating the head lice one evening and returning to school the next day.

Medical Infectious Diseases

Exclusion from School.  Please refer to the following link: 

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